Susan Zurndorfer: Thriving Despite MS


Susan Zurndorfer has been living with primary progressive multiple sclerosis for 20 years. Susan lives in New York City, where she leads a busy social life and keeps active by walking and physical therapy. As Susan says, she has MS, but she doesn’t let MS define who she is.

Susan has been living with MS for over 20 years.
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My left leg started dragging … I began tripping and falling.
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My first MRI of the brain was inconclusive … then an MRI of the spinal cord indicated MS.
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I remember going to the MS Center in Teaneck, NJ with my 2 MRIs.
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The bad news is that I have MS. The good news is that I have this MS center.
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If there’s anything new going on in the world of MS, I will know about it.
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Then he showed me my pink flowered walker and it became my “Mercedes.”
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I don’t want MS to identify me.
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She’s up to date on my life, and how I live my life.
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Anybody with MS should be involved with an MS center.
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Today we have so many treatments available … to keep it from progressing.
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Being positive is a choice, that’s my saving grace.
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