Lydia Emily Archibald – Don’t Let MS Stop You From Doing What You Love

Reporter: Terry Rudd
Videographer: Keith Kocinski

First Symptoms: While in her late 30’s, Lydia awoke with numbness in her tongue. Fearing a stroke, she went to the emergency department.

Managing Life With MS: There’s a way to get around MS and still do the things you want to do.

MS and Eyesight: After losing the sight in her left eye, Lydia adapted in order to continue doing her art.

Progression of MS: As MS progresses, one needs to adapt to control symptoms

MS, the Fight: Getting past fatigue and depression is a daily challenge and you need to continue to live.

Community: Art can convey what other patients with MS are experiencing as part of their disease.

Conveying the MS experience: Art can make an ‘invisible’ disease understandable to others.