Ann Moore: I Don’t Ever Want Anyone To Treat Me Like I Have A Disability


Ann Moore began her Multiple Sclerosis Journey at age 16 as a caregiver for her mother who had been diagnosed with MS. Ann described her caregiver experience as a “trial by fire” during a time when there was limited information about the disease and few treatment options available.

She continued in this role for more than 8 years, until her mother’s death. Then, within 8 months after her mother died, Ann herself was diagnosed with MS.

Having lived with her mother’s experience, Ann was clearly concerned about the unknowns of her MS diagnosis. She was determined to live her best life with MS. For the first 10 years after her diagnosis, Ann continued to live much as she always had. But then she began to experience more limitations and needed to begin a more intensive treatment regimen.

Today, Ann doesn’t allow her MS to get the better of her. She discusses her friends and support system, her management and therapy decisions, and her methods for coping with a wide range of life challenges in her frank conversation with the Multiple Sclerosis Journey.